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  • Safescan 1200 GBP Counter and Sorter Automatic 220 Coins/Minute Ref 113-0415

    Code: 275785
    Pack size: Each

    High speed sorts 220 coins per minute, and the large feeder accommodates 300 to 500 coins at a time Counts, sorts and gives exact coins Currency: Pounds Sterling Extremely simple operation ensures clarity regarding the contents of your till With add and batch function Total quantity and quantity per denomination Total value and value per denomination Autostop when the coin tray is full Quick and easy to use Effortlessly prepare a bank deposit using the adjustable exact change function
  • Safescan 1250 EUR Coin Counter and Sorter for Euro Ref 113-0549

    Code: 113398
    Pack size: Each

  • Safescan 2250 Banknote Counting Machine Automatic Ref 115-0257

    Code: 203398
    Pack size: Each

    Three-fold counterfeit detection - UV, magnetic ink and infrared Counts 1000 notes per minute Auto start and stop function Counting for all currencies Double display Add and batch function 2 year warranty CE approved Includes manual in English, cleaning and service kit, separate teller display and EU and UK power adaptor Power: 220V Dimensions: 292x246x178mm Weight: 7kg
  • Safescan 2680 GBP Banknote Counter and Counterfeit Detector Ref 112-0510

    Code: 113397
    Pack size: Each

  • Safescan 2685 Banknote Counter GBP and Euro 800-1500 Notes/min Ref 112-0421

    Code: 275793
    Pack size: Each

    Amount and unit counting and 6-point counterfeit detection for GBP and EUR banknotes 6-point counterfeit detection for: UV, magnetic ink, metal thread, infrared, thickness and size detection Checking and counting for 4 additional default currencies: US Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone Counts sorted notes for all currencies plus sorted or unsorted GBP and EUR notes 100% counterfeit detection for GBP (British pounds) and for EUR (euros) Hopper capacity: 300 notes Stack
  • Safescan 6155 Coin/Note Counter 124-0422

    Code: 185510
    Pack size: Each

    Safescan 6155 Coin/Note Counter. Counts both coins and notes. Weighing and counting function. Compatible with Safescan TP-220 printer. Works with Power adapter / Works with 9V Battery.
  • Safescan 6185 Coin and Banknote Counter Ref 131-0457

    Code: 106920
    Pack size: Each

  • Salter Brecknell Coin Counter Electronic Checking Scale for all UK Coins Ref 402

    Code: 175457
    Pack size: Each

    An electronic coin counter (£ Pounds Sterling) Easy to operate with two toggle keys to allow rapid access to the required mode Coin counting modes: £2 coin value up to £330.00 £1 coin value up to £210.00 50p coin value up to £99.50 20p coin value up to £80.00 5p/10p coin value up to £30.70 1p/2p coin value up to £5.50 Requires 6x AA batteries (not included)