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  • Duracell 15 Minute Charger 81285682

    Code: 477870
    Pack size: Each

    Simple and easy to use. Fast charging. Charges 4 AA /3 AAA in 15 -20 mins. Comes with a battery health indicator. Includes 2 x AAA & 2 AA rechargeable batteries.
  • Duracell 45 Minute Battery Charger CEF27 Ref 81362494

    Code: 102851
    Pack size: Each

  • Duracell Multi Charger 75044676

    Code: 817969
    Pack size: Each

    The Duracell multi charger delivers a safe and complete charge for any size of rechargeable battery. Can charge multiple sizes at the same time - up to 8 x AA/AAA, 4 x C/D and 1 x 9V.
  • EnEnergizer Maxi Battery Charger 4x AA Batteries 2000 MaH UK 632325

    Code: 172414
    Pack size: Each

    Energizer maxi charger 2000 mAh. Charges AA and AAA batteries. Features 2 channels, timer shut off after 11 hours, Green LED to indicate charging status and polarity protection. Includes 4 x AA 2000mAh batteries.
  • Energizer 1Hour Battery Charger Fast-charging Accu with 4x AA 2300mAh Batteries Ref 637123

    Code: 818029
    Pack size: Each

    Energizer Accu 1-hour battery charger Charges batteries in as little as 1 hour LED charge light shows when batteries are charging Primary battery detection tells if inserted battery is full or not rechargeable (by design or fault) and automatically stops charging process Mains-powered Worldwide voltage makes this a perfect travel companion on your trips abroad Includes four AA 2300mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Energizer Base Battery Charger 4x AA Batteries 1300 MaH 632229

    Code: 275606
    Pack size: Each

    Energizer Value battery charger. Compact charger charges 2 or 4 x AA or AAA batteries in 8 - 12 hours. Features green LED charging light and fold out plug. Includes 4 x AA 1300 mAh batteries.
  • Energizer Intelligent Charger 4xAA 2000MAH 633801

    Code: 275800
    Pack size: Each

    Energizer Intelligent Charger. Sleek, convenient and easy to use this innovative charging station features a fuel gauge to tell you when a battery is charged and an indicator to tell if batteries are good or bad. Charges 2 to 4 AA or AAA at a time.
  • Energizer Universal Charger 629874

    Code: 592960
    Pack size: Each

    Energiser universal charger charges all battery sizes. LCD lets you know when batteries are fully charged. Has 2.5 hours of charging.